This Year’s Must Have Accessory Is: A Phone Case

Answer the following question - which of the following is closest to you: your wallet, your keys, or your phone? I mean is the answer really your wallet or your keys? Your Phone has simply become the single most important thing in your life. We are literally inseparable from our phones; they are the things that most quickly induce bag-scrabbling panic if they disappear from our very sight. So it is only logical that this year’s It accessory isn’t a handbag or the latest fitness craze but a phone case. 

Like the Rolex watch, the phone is a status symbol that tells the world how busy and important you are. It's not just a fashion trend, but also a massive part of everyday life. And it is important to recognise that how our phones look reflects the fact that the phone is as much a part of our visual world as our functional one.

You can do most things through your phone now, including pay for things, so you almost don’t need a wallet. The phone is in your hand and in your field of vision all day long. The smartphone itself has ceased to be a status symbol, because everyone has one. However, it’s still important to be seen to be on it. At an event, you see these people typing away as they walk and talk and you think: ‘What’s really so important that you have to be doing it right now?’

The phone has become something that puts distance between you and the rest of the world. Status now comes from being busy, in having to deal with important emails or take photos to share with your followers. And so your phone needs to be in your hand, not in your handbag.

The phone isn’t going away, so we might as well make it attractive. Imagine this scenario - If you put your phone on the table at a restaurant, because you’ve got a call you actually can’t miss, and instead of people thinking you’re rude they think: ‘Oh, what a nice phone case.’

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