New Partnership: allabout.phones

We are pleased to announce an up and coming partnership with allabout.phones, which is run by Matej from Croatia. You can find their amazing Instagram page via the following link: allabout.phones.

The organisation known as allabout.phones is an Instagram page which is well known for posting regularly about the latest up and coming tech and apple products. We believe that such a company has a very good potential to not only expand our customer base but also promote the benefits of the tech industry, especially focusing on adding value for clients and their purchasesWe believe that our products and services can well compliment Matej and his organisation. We also believe that Matej, who is one of our many loyal partners, can allow us to move forward in the right direction. 

This partnership will allow us to effectively communicate our message: To protect every device and provide the most elegant designs. We will be able to develop and maintain an effective collaborative partnership that pools material, financial, and human resources, allowing the successful communication of promotion and marketing related to the latest tech products, phone cases, tablet cases, and the latest mobile accessories. Matej, who is an expert of apple products and the tech industry, will be able to effectively convey our company message in order to provide the highest quality products and services.

Welcome aboard Matej and allabout.phones!

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